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At the start of the Great Recession, one of the last auto stamping plants in Detroit is on shaky ground. Each of the workers have to make choices on how to move forward if their plant goes under. Shanita has to decide how she'll support herself and her unborn child, Faye has to decide how and where she'll live, and Dez has to figure out how to make his ambitious dreams a reality.


Power dynamics shift as their manager Reggie is torn between doing right by his work family, and by the red tape in his office. Power and tense, Skeleton Crew is the third of Dominique Morisseau's Detroit cycle trilogy

by Dominique Morisseau

directed by Dexter Singleton

Mar. 5 - Mar. 22, 2020

Erector Square

319 Peck Street, Building 6S

New Haven

UPDATE-March 2020 

In March, we were forced to abruptly close our production of Skeleton Crew because of COVID-19. When it is safe to do so we hope to resume this production with the same cast and crew. At this time, for the safety of our staff, artists, volunteers, patrons and students we have decided to postpone or cancel any remaining programming in the 19-20 season. In the meanwhile, please periodically check our company's Facebook page and website for updates on future projects and collaborations.

The fight for social justice is one that must continue everyday, especially for people of color that are dealing with systemic racism or other injustices on a daily basis. Even though we can't gather at CCT, we, like others, are using our collective energies to protest, seek change, reflect and rest. We encourage you to look for progressive ways to be involved in those positive changes that are happening in your community. Now more than ever we must work together to achieve justice and equality for all.



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